ISSA BOP OR ISSA FLOP?: Lil’ Kim Aims to Remind Us Who’s the Queen Bee with New Single “Go Awff” (LISTEN)

Lil Kim plans on setting it off this year.

Lil Kim is a legend out here, having dropped off such essential projects as Hardcore & The Notorious K.I.M, among others. For many young men, Kim’s sexual empowerment was likely their first encounter with, as they say, funny feelings. Now, after putting out decades of material, Kim has returned with yet another new banger. “Go Awff,” anthem for all the baddies.

Having originally premiered the new joint at the VFILES fashion show, Kim proved that her message still lands with in any decade. The overall aesthetic is likely to please day one Kim fans, while still retaining the interest of the younger folk. The Queen Bee struts her stuff while declaring her boss status on the track “Yeah, you know my waist snatched, face beat, hair laid,” she raps.

A video for “Go Awff” was recently shot in Long Island featuring a cameo from Ice-T’s wife Coco. Kim is now readying her fifth studio album, which is expected to include a collaboration with Remy Ma. Last year, she debuted the single “Nasty One.”

Quotable Lyrics:
You gon eat it up like soufflé
Queen bee, gon’ rain forever
I’m mother nature, I determine the weather
The way I slay, you bitches could never

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