ISSA BOP OR ISSA FLOP?: Iggy Azalea Somehow Makes A Funeral Sexy In “Sally Walker” Video (WATCH)

Iggy Azalea hit poor “Sally Walker” with a car.

For a few weeks, Iggy Azalea has been teasing the arrival of her latest single “Sally Walker.” Last night, it finally arrived with an accompanying music video. It feels like a comeback is on the horizon for Iggy, who has been trying to ease herself back into the spotlight for years. “Sally Walker” gets her that much closer and with an entertaining video, you can tell that the Aussie is going all out.

The clip begins with lil “Sally Walker” walking down the street when she accidentally steps onto the road and gets run over by a drag queen. This is already off to a good start. The ensuing scenes are all from her funeral, which is evidently a pretty wild affair. The pallbearers are dancing, Iggy gives a speech and shows some cleavage, and then the rapper decides to grind on a hearse. Before today, we never realized that a funeral could actually be sexy. Somehow, Iggy Azalea managed to do that so, big ups to her.

The video ends with a preview of the star’s next single, which is pretty hype. She speaks about how she’s thought about apologizing to her haters but ever since getting her bag, she’s decided against it. Typical Iggy. What do you think of the new video and the preview at the end?

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