IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Nicki Minaj Presses 50 Cent on “Queen Radio” Asking Why He Never Signed Her

Minaj should probably be glad she wasn’t the first lady of G-Unit… ask Olivia.

A new Nicki Minaj era is officially on the way. On Friday, following a week’s worth of related drama, Nicki dropped off her new single, “Yikes,” followed by the latest episode of usually equally drama-filled “Queen Radio” show. Aside from drama, the show is also known to be filled with guest stars and this week she brought out fellow South Queens, Jamaica native, 50 Cent.

The Power executive and Nicki discussed a variety of topics from his upcoming show For Life to his love life. Nicki and 50 Cent have, surprisingly, never worked together on music, although Fif’s always shown his support to the fellow South Side native. Nicki even went as far as saying aside from her husband, 50 Cent has been one of the few people that has always had her back.

Nicki did take the opportunity to ask Fif a few questions she’s been longing to ask him for a while. The first one was aimed at 50 Cent and Jay-Z, asking why neither of them signed her. 
“Because of Fendi,” 50 Cent said about Nicki’s former manager. “That’s the only reason why I wasn’t saying nothing or checking real hard for her because he was over there.”

Before letting 50 Cent go, she asked him why she never got the opportunity to star in one of his films or television projects. Fif then flipped it on her. “We can make that happen whenever I can get availability outta you,” he said.

“You heard it here first, Barbz. He’s going to let me come on one of his shows, okay? I should’ve been on Power, chile,” she said.

Check out the clip and let us know what you guys think? Do you think things would’ve faired the same with her had she opted for G-Unit instead of Young Money?

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