IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: G Herbo’s Ex, Ari Fletcher, Blasts Him For Having Their Child Around His New Girlfriend; Claims He Has Herpes

Apparently, Herbo “swore on his dead homies” that he wouldn’t do that.

G Herbo and his ex-girlfriend and baby mama, Ariana Fletcher, have a tumultuous history. In April, months after the two broke up, Herbo was arrested for battery charges after Fletcher alleged that he “beat the f**k out of me.” Upon his release, the Chicago rapper went on Instagram Live to claim that she had fabricated the story and he had only gone to her home to retrieve jewelry that she had stolen from him. In May, he was charged with one count of misdemeanor battery for dragging Ari by her hair. Reports stated she was left with scratches on her body.

There hasn’t been much public drama between the former couple since this altercation. Herbo has been dating Fabolous’ step-daughter, Taina Williams, for months and Ari has been on-and-off with boxer, Gervonta Davis.

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Yesterday was Herbo’s 24th birthday and Williams confirmed that they’re still happily together by sharing a loving message about him. She also gifted him a chain with an image of his grandmother in it, which made him cry at his party.

Amid all the emotional celebrations, some footage of Herbo and Ari’s son in the presence of Taina must have surfaced because Ari took to Instagram to express her anger about it. It appears Herbo disregarded Ari’s explicit request by doing this. “NOW IM TAKING IT ALL THE WAY THERE,” Ari wrote in the expletive-filled caption for a photo that has since been deleted. “I try to be a cool ass baby mama, let you get my son even tho you don’t ever even get him foreal for whatever reason… I be being so cool with you and you really done pushed me past my mf limit now, MY SON B*TCH? IS YOU ON DOPE? Cause when I just checked you and this b*tch the other day y’all swore that wasn’t my baby but this CLEAR AS F*CKING DAY MY SON! You dumb broke crybaby b*tch. I asked you not to have my son around this lame a** h*e…”

In one point of the rant, Fletcher claims Herbo has herpes and that he told Fletcher that he “prayed” the disease away. She goes on to write, point blank, “f*ck yo birthday lame ass n*gga” before signing off with “ITS DRAMA.”

You can read the full rant below.

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