HERE’S THE PART THEY DON’T TELL YOU: Cardi B Checks Pressed Internet Troll Who Felt the Need to Throw Nicki Minaj’s Spanish Collab At Her As a Jab – “That’s Because I Passed on It”

Cardi B has to start getting a check for the amount of clout certain folks and fan bases attempt to use her name for.

Cardi B once rapped, “I should run a whole blog at this rate, they using me name for click bait,” on she and Offset’s hit record “Clout,” and truer words were possibly never spoken. As one of the biggest names in music and arguably the biggest in female rap currently, Cardi constantly seems to main subject and on the minds of even those who claim to despise her, even where it genuinely doesn’t make any sense.

Case in point, you may have heard the story of Bardi “pulling up,” on two trolls who antagonized her in New York City last night, however many of these reports are leaving out exactly what led up to the incident. One troll in particular, who shall be referred to as Woody Woodpecker (for anti-clout chasing purposes), who happens to be a fake associate of Nicki Minaj, attempted to brown nose to their “queen,” by somehow not celebrating or congratulating her on the release of a collab with Latin music sensation Karol G, titled “Tusa,” but instead somehow managing to tie that moment in as a way to take a jab at Cardi. Stating:

“Damn! How are you a Spanish Rapper and your own people who are Spanish Singers call a non-Spanish speaking Rapper to rap in Spanish? Yeah #ColdSoreB is DONE! She is gonna be doing #Fatjoe features forever like #Remyma! Sorry sus!” the tweet ignorantly read, which then lead to celebrations from Cardi’s second secret fan base, Nicki Minaj’s “Barbz.”

Perhaps that troll should have done their research prior to seeking another attempt to come at Cardi, as the artist Karol G actually begged Bardi to feature on the track a few months back, which prompted the “Bodak Yellow” superstar to respond with the swift check, “that’s because I passed on it…now sip on that.” Which ultimately turned into the uproar from Minaj’s fans who decided to act is if Cardi wasn’t responding to a jab they started and was throwing “shade.” (Which then resulted in the pull up situation)

Since her rise to stardom Cardi B has managed to collab with some of the biggest names in music in both the States as well as Latin market, so we’re still a bit unsure why Woodpecker felt this was a valid diss or that she’s apparently supposed to be featured on every track by a Latin singer, but I digress. “Stop trying and pick and pick and pick cause I ain’t going keep letting people play with me. I been chillin let me chill in peace,” tweeted Cardi after the whole ordeal. Take a look at the tweets below and let us know what you think about this nonsense.

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