HOLD UP: Rihanna Invited Jeffree Starr to Her ‘Fenty Beauty’ Launch Event…and the Internet Has Questions


Rihanna’s fans have spoken: As the world counts down the seconds to Fenty Beauty’s global release, social media gets more and more excited.

But there’s one person that the Navy doesn’t want coming to this inclusive beauty party: Jeffree Star. Controversial beauty YouTuber Jeffree Star is among the many who are excited about Fenty Beauty launching, he even shared that he’d be attending the brands launch event.

Jeffree Star has apologized for racist statements that he was outed for making during his MySpace days — which included using the N-word slur, referring to someone as a “poor Mexican,” and a host of other horrible remarks. 

The problem is not everyone believes he’s sorry about his past because of his questionable behavior in the present.
In July, he called fellow beauty Youtuber Jackie Aina an “irrelevant rat” on Twitter. He also allowed one of his models to darken their skin in blackface fashion for one of his shoots. And per an Instagram post of the model’s skin on Wednesday, he is still supporting that decision. 

This week, he also passive aggressively defended Kathleen Lights against Jaclyn Hill with no mention of Lights’ use of the N-word being wrong.

Judged these actions, it’s accurate to say that people aren’t merely picking on Jeffree Star because of his past. He still has side-eyes on him because his attempts at cleaning up his racist reputation are very messy.

But does Rihanna know this? Will Fenty Beauty’s PR take it into account? Rihanna fans have been under her umbrella since forever. It may not be the wisest move to rain on their parade by inviting people whose behavior proves they are ANTI-racial sensitivity. Pun intended.

Fenty Beauty drops at Sephora and Harvey Nichols on September 8. Check out some of the fan reactions that even went as far as asking the official Fenty Beauty Instagram page to block Jeffree, below:

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