HIP HOP BABY FEVER: Reports Say There’s Been an Increase In Babies Named “Chance” And “Kendrick” This Year Thanks to Hip Hop Artists

According to BabyCenter.com, there’s been an uptick in babies named after 2017’s most prolific and inspiring
rappers and hip-hop artists.

“Rappers aren’t just making good music, they’re taking center stage as cultural icons, philanthropists, and role models. Plus, their names are climbing the popularity charts,” writes the site’s article on 2017’s hottest baby name trends.

The report also points out that the names Chance and Kendrick saw 21 percent and 9 percent spikes, respectively. The monikers of 2017’s Best New Artist Grammy winner Chance The Rapper and Rolling Stone’s “greatest rapper alive” Kendrick Lamar are climbing the ranks, thanks to their infectious tunes, philanthropic work and timelessness of their names.

“JAY-Z has provided financial assistance for college students in need and worked to combat global water scarcity; the name Jay ticked up 3 percent this year,” the article continues. Dre and Queen (like Dr. Dre and Queen Latifah) are up 40 percent and 41 percent in popularity in 2017, respectively.

Looks like some hip-hop artists are inspiring more than just popular culture.

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