HERE FOR IT OR KEEP IT?: Word on the Street is 6ix9ine is Gearing Up to Release His New Single featuring Nicki Minaj

The jokes write themselves with this one. Nicki Minaj and her serial criminal of a husband better be on their best behavior around Snitch9ine.

Signs are officially pointing to a new collaboration between Tekashi 6ix9ine and Nicki Minaj.

The two rappers worked together before the rainbow-haired shit-talker got locked up, managing to achieve a Billboard hit in the process. Many people have been wondering who would be the first rapper to link back up with the glorified snitch (if anyone would) after his return last month and it looks like our answer may officially be here. Nicki Minaj has been hinting at something and several industry insiders believe that she’s quietly revealing the title of her collaborative single with 6ix9ine.

At the beginning of this week, Nicki tweeted out a singular taco emoji. While she may have just been enjoying some good ‘ole Mexican cuisine, people believe that there is a deeper message behind this.

The hip-hop gossip aficionados are theorizing that a new song called “TACO” is on the way from the duo of controversial stars. It would make complete sense for Minaj to get back together with 6ix9ine. At this point in her career, she seems to be capitalizing more so on features and passing them out like candy as she did early in her career, managing to get a few hits back under her belt after her solo attempts haven’t been as successful. She got a hit with him last time so why not go for another round? Well, he is a snitch, a sex offender (but so is..nevermind), Possibly one of the biggest jokes in hip hop right now and well…her husband is supposed to be a former gang member so where’s his say in her working with snitches? Never mind, he probably shouldn’t go against his meal ticket.

What do you make of these rumors? They definitely seem credible but they could also be heavy reaches. Are you here for a new Nicki-Nine record? 6ix9ine’s next single releases on May 29.

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