GIRL, WHAT?: Naturi Naughton is Still Upset that Lil’ Kim Didn’t Acknowledge Her Portrayal in ‘Notorious’ Biopic – “Maybe She Thought I was Darker Than She Should’ve Been” (VIDEO)

Naturi is once again addressing her one-sided beef with Lil Kim and the actress still can’t understand the issue.

Naturi Naughton has come a long way since her days in 3LW. After leaving the group in the early 2000’s, the singer went on to have a successful career as an actress and hasn’t looked back since —until now. On the latest episode of TV One’s hit show ‘Uncensored’, Naturi opened up about everything from the infamous KFC chicken wing fight with her group mates Kiely Williams and Adrienne Bailon to her unsuccessful attempt to reach out to Lil Kim after portraying her in ‘Notorious’.

Naturi quickly mentions that she was both honored and extremely excited about taking on the role of Kim. However, she then claims that she learned that energy was completely one-sided as she alleges that the legendary Queen Bee gave her the cold shoulder.

“I was at the production office in Brooklyn, NY. Kim gets off the elevator. I happen to be there for rehearsal. She walks right by me with her crew, goes into the director’s office. They were arguing and yelling and I was like ‘I hope this is not about me’. But it was. I guess there was some miscommunication about the casting process. But again, I’m just an actress and I was just hired to do a part. I reached out via phone and tried that time in person. Maybe my look had something to do with it or because she thought I was darker than the character should have been.”

In Kim’s defense, it’s well documented that the rapper was not allowed to be apart of the making of the film due to disagreements with the Notorious B.I.G’s mother Voletta Wallace. Out of all the renowned figures portrayed in the movie, the original Queen Bee was (and still is) the most disappointed in her representation. Kim slammed the film writers and directors (including Puffy) for not including her input and voiced her disappointment about the decision to cast Naughton in the role.

“I would have never picked Naturi, she doesn’t have a Lil Kim aura at all! She looks nothing like I looked back then,” Kim said in an interview. “We have NO similarities. Watching her on-screen was so ‘dreadful’ as Simon Cowell would say. She is tasteless and talentless. Never once did she contact me for input or to get a feel of me for the character.”

So while Naturi may be taking it personally that Kim wasn’t a fan of her, let’s be honest, she wasn’t a fan of the movie at all. Take a look at the video clip of what Naturi had to say below. What do you guys think?

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