GIRL, WHAT?: Azealia Banks Defends Her Feud With Cardi B in New Instagram Post – “I’ve Been At This Free Thinking Sh*t For A Long Time”

Azealia Banks just meant she was going to get the last word in her beef with Cardi B.

Azealia returned to the headlines once again last week in typical fashion, this time by calling out Cardi B, calling her an “illiterate, untalented rat” and a “caricature of a black woman.” Cardi then responded in kind, defending herself against Azealia’s claims before deleting her Instagram account entirely.

Despite this, Azealia has now made a new statement in regards to their feud, this time on her Instagram story. Without ever calling Cardi out by name, Azealia says that while her statements only reflect her own perspective, Cardi B is still misunderstanding the actual points that she’s trying to make.

“Speaking one’s mind doesn’t equal activism,” she wrote. “When I speak on anything it is purely to open the discussion for people who may or may not be thinking the same things. The concept of me ‘attacking’ other women is a hard one to process because it’s subjective and purely an analysis of what YOU see.”

As it turns out, Cardi should have looked past Azealia calling her illiterate and a “real life episode of Maury” to focus on her actual point of black women’s culture.

“But I will say that that brushing off the core of the things I say off as pure negativity is not at all reflective of the REAL, insightful and objective free-thinker I am. I’ve been at the free thinking shit for a LONG TIME,” Azealia continues. “When I ignite these discussions surrounding black cultural affairs, it’s to make sure that the things we are consuming and validating are acceptable and worthy of inclusion into our culture, psyche, and lifestyles.”

Maybe Azealia should consider her delivery if she wants a polite discussion next time.

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