FACTS OR REACHING?: Madonna’s Not Impressed With Today’s Music – “Everyone Sounds The Same”

Madonna’s not here for the latest musical offerings.

Although this year has brought us some pretty good albums and singles – Scorpion, Invasion of Privacy, the numerous G.O.O.D. Music releases, Everything Is Love, Lost and Found, Testing and lots more in different genres, Madonna’s still left unpleased saying there’s no distinction between all the sounds. The 59-year-old pop singer recently chatted with Vogue Italia and talked about the current landscape of music, in her eyes.

Madonna is currently preparing an upcoming album and living in Lisbon, Portugal, telling the publication how her new city provides a lot of inspiration for her craft. “It’s also such a nice antidote to what’s going on in the music business now where everything’s so formulaic, and every song has 20 guest artists on it, and everyone sounds the same. Something’s gotta give,” she explained.

Her move to Lisbon was based on her son David and giving him a good place to play soccer. “I felt like we needed a change, and I wanted to get out of America for a minute – as you know, this is not America’s finest hour – not that leaving America makes anything different or changes anything,” she added. “I’ve lived in other places; I lived in London for 10 years. I like to put myself in uncomfortable situations and take risks.”

You guys think Madonna has a point when it comes to music sounding the same?

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