FACTS OR REACHING?: Kevin Hart’s Ex-Wife Torrei Hart Says Most Women Would Be Okay with Their Man Cheating As Long as They’re Upfront – “I Appreciate a Good Side B*tch”

Torrei Hart sat down for an exclusive interview with the folks over at TV One in Atlanta to discuss relationships. The ex-wife of Jumanji star Kevin Hart and mother of their two children Heaven and Hendrix said with all the demands on a wife, she can appreciate the extra help of a mistress.

“You men just got to be more upfront. See here’s the thing, I appreciate a good side b*tch. There’s days I don’t feel like doing sh*t, let that side b*tch do that job. There’s days I don’t feel like sucking d**k. There’s days I don’t feel like cooking and cleaning,” the 40-year-old said.

Despite Hart’s declaration, she insists she could never be number two, she would have to be the main squeeze. “So If I’m the main, and there’s a side b*tch that I get along with and she’s doing her job properly, I might let her stick around.”

TSR STAFF: Myeisha E.! @myeisha.essex ________________________________________ #Roommates, #TorreiHart recently sat down for an exclusive interview with @radioonelife and said she’s all for non-traditional marriages, including a good side chick. ________________________________________ “I’ve never even said this out loud or publicly but I kind of like the Muslim faith. I think if you can afford her, you should have an extra wife,” she said. “I just think people should be more upfront if you are going to do it.” ________________________________________ “Men just need to be men and say, ‘Look, this is what I’m going to do.’ And you will either deal with it or not,” she explained. “I think most women will deal with it.” ________________________________________ She went on to say that she “appreciates a good side b***h.” ________________________________________ “There are days when I don’t feel like doing s**t,” she said. “Let that side b***h do that job!” ________________________________________ When asked if all men cheat, Torrei simply said, “Yes, every last one of— read more at ‪TheShadeRoom.com‬!

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This is a surprising tune Hart is singing, as she’sbeen vocal in the past about her feelings towards Hart’s wife Eniko Parrish, whom she alleges began dating Kevin while he was still married.

In August 2017, Parrish, who was then pregnant with their baby boy Kenzo, said they’d been together for eight years. When a fan pointed out Hart and Torrei were divorced for six, Parrish responded by saying their marriage was over before she came into the picture.

“Their marriage was broken way before I came in the picture.. They were separated living in separate homes. I was never a secret.”

Torrei responded by alleging Parrish started seeing Kevin before their divorce was final. “Eniko sweetheart normally I don’t feed in to this, but when you addressed me directly, you forced my hand to respond. We have made successful strides to become a loving co parenting family, but you have now left it open for my character to be questioned. You, Kevin, and I know the truth.”

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