FACTS OR REACHING?: Remy Ma Calls Cardi B & Nicki Minaj Beef “Corny” – “After Like 15 Hours of Everything, They’re Like ‘Let’s Be Friends Now’…” (VIDEO)

Remy says it couldn’t have been her.

Remy Ma is making it known that she is not feeling the way Cardi B and Nicki Minaj seemingly squashed their “beef” the other day. We all watched as Nicki and Cardi went back and forth on social media. After hours of throwing shade, the two seemed to call a truce, by agreeing to keep it positive.

On the latest episode of ‘State of the Culture’ Remy said that the way they ended their argument was corny. She said she would not have done a lot of talking if it was her. She then said that she’s over it.

“It could’ve have been me, I’m different, I’m not gonna keep arguing with somebody,” Remy said before continuing, “I think the part that made it the corniest, after a whole 15 hours, then they’re both like…Ok, let’s be friends now”

I think a lot of us are over the drama between Nicki and Cardi, but I’m glad that they kind of came to an agreement to let it go… for now. Check out what Remy had to say below. Do you agree? FACTS OR REACHING?

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