EVERYONE’S LOOKING FOR A CHECK, HUH?: Cardi B Served With Lawsuit Papers While Walking On Netflix Series Set (VIDEO)

Walking onto the set of “Rhythm + Flow,” Cardi B was handed lawsuit papers over an alleged beatdown.

Cardi B’s 2018 was filled with many highs. The birth of her daughter and the success of her debut album were nothing but blessings, but it seems every time one turns around, there’s another person throwing some type of claim for money at the superstar rapper. (aka Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems) an alleged fan beatdown during the 2018 Met Gala is the latest grab at Cardi. Just days ago, she was handed lawsuit papers over the incident while making her way onto the set of her upcoming Netflix show.

The folks over at The Blast caught Cardi B walking in to the set where she’s filming her upcoming Netflix series, Rhythm + Flow. Cardi was seen walking into SOB’s in New York City’s South Village area while she was swarmed by photographers. Cardi’s heard being her normally bubbly self and mingling with the photographers. However, once she pulls up to the door, a man’s hand pops out into the frame. The man holds out a small stack of papers and drops it in front of her while referencing a “lawsuit.” Cardi seemingly ignored the papers and continued to walk through the doors.

Cardi B and Offset are both now involved in the lawsuit from the alleged victim Giovanni Arnold. You may remember initial reports of the incident back around the time of the Met Gala last May. The over-enthusiastic Arnold learned the hard way not to invade even celebrity’s personal space when Cardi’s security had allegedly taken him down after repeatedly hounding her for an autograph. At the time, he said that he didn’t serve Cardi B the lawsuit after filing it out of respect to her “seven months pregnant at the time of the assault and, out of respect and consideration for her and her baby’s wellbeing, as well as that of her finance, Offset, I chose not to immediately serve” the couple.”

In other words, Giovanni is in need of a check. Peep the footage below and let us know what you guys think?

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