DESPITE WHAT “THEY” SAID: Amber Rose Could Care Less If You Play Her Exes Songs While She’s in the Club

Amber Rose does not request clubs refrain from playing songs by her exes, despite a wide report by many other sources.

According to the New York Post, when the model was recently in Miami, she had strict rules while hosting a party at a nightclub. Specifically, the newspaper alleges she “didn’t want to be reminded of her exes.” As such, the tabloid claims she “requested no songs by Kanye West or Wiz Khalifa be played.”

The outlet quotes a so-called “spy,” who contends, “Rose was specific in asking for no Kanye, and definitely no Wiz songs.” A number online publications picked up the story, and made it seem like Rose has a hard and fast rule about making clubs abstain from playing West and Khalifa’s music. One of the articles, from Hot New Hip Hop, caught Rose’s attention on Tuesday, and she posted a screengrab of it on Instagram.

“This is NOT TRUE!!!” she wrote in the caption, before joking, “unless they gonna do it.” But, she added quite seriously and unequivocally, “For real though this story is fake as f*ck.” So there you have it, we know Amber Rose can get petty, but apparently not THAT petty!

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