CLAPBACK CHRONICLES: Amber Rose Calls Piers Morgan a “Misogynistic A**hole” After He Criticizes Her Infamous SlutWalk Picture Photo

Not everyone was on board with Amber Rose’s promotional photos for her third-annual SlutWalk, in which the self-proclaimed “world’s most famous stripper” bares it all from the waist down. Outspoken commentator Piers Morgan took to Twitter to slam Rose’s pictures, telling her to “put it away.”

Rose clapped back with some comments of her own, saying that Morgan is a “misogynistic a**hole,” and that there’s a double standard when it comes to nudity.

Soon after, she posted a picture of Maroon 5’s Adam Levine fully naked, with a woman holding his private parts from behind. However, Morgan had no issues with this particular picture, stating that it was raising awareness for testicular cancer. Amber wrote that she’s also raising awareness for a cause, and Piers double standard in that respect is “like saying breast cancer awareness is cool but what about HIV and AIDS.”

“I can handle your naked body, Amber – relax,” he wrote. “I just can’t handle your ridiculous claim to be stripping off in the name of feminism…can’t you think of a less dumb way to promote feminism than getting your kit off?”

“If famous men started posting naked photos to social media claiming it was to ‘promote male empowerment’, they’d be jailed,” he claimed, to which Amber retorted “I’m sorry I forgot only men can be sexually confident.”

Several women defended Amber, and called out Morgan for his vicious double standards and for his constant critiques of women in general.

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