WHEN DOVES CRY: Prince’s Estate Seeks To Pull Out Of TIDAL Deal Following Inflated Streaming Reports

Allegations of inflated streaming numbers is a cause for concern to Prince’s family.

It’s been a rough couple of months for TIDAL, the music streaming service that counts Jay-Z as its biggest owner. The service has been the target of several miniature controversies, including missing royalty payments, unpaid legal bills, and a potential data breach. However, none of those have had the impact of the recent allegations that Tidal was artificially inflating its streaming numbers for exclusive albums, such as Beyonce’s Lemonade and Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo.

The rumors of misconduct on part of the service has left the estate of one of their exclusive artists, Prince, unsure about their future with the company. According to TMZ, the family wants out of their exclusivity deal with TIDAL, primarily due to these allegations. They wish to avoid having Prince’s legacy caught up in a potential scandal.

This puts TIDAL in a bad position. It was announced in early May that Jay-Z was helping to compile the next posthumous album from Prince, which would be later revealed to be Piano & A Microphone 1983. The album would have a two week period of exclusivity on TIDAL after its release sometime in 2019.

TIDAL, on their part, have completely denied the accusations. A statement from the company responded with, “This is a smear campaign from a publication that once referred to our employee as an ‘Israeli Intelligence officer’ and our owner as a ‘crack dealer.’ We expect nothing less from them than this ridiculous story, lies and falsehoods. The information was stolen and manipulated and we will fight these claims vigorously.” The publication in question referring to Norwegian newspaper, Dagens Næringsliv, which initially broke the story.

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TOO SOON?: Spotify Catching Heat For Promoting XXXTentacion’s Music On Playlists Though They Previously Removed Him

After removing XXXTentacion’s music from all official playlists, Spotify has put the the rapper back front and center following his passing.

Fans no doubt remember Spotify’s “Hateful Conduct Policy,” in which the streaming giant took a stand against artists accused of morally reprehensible crimes. Now, it would appear a misguided attempt at appearing virtuous has come back to bite them in the ass, at least in the eyes of several users. NME reports that Spotify has since returned X’s music to Rap Caviar, going so far as to make “Sad!” and “Moonlight” the opening two tracks of the playlist. As it happens, the move has raised eyebrows from X fans, who feel that the company is making a very hypocritical decision, especially given their previous attempt at taking “the moral high ground” at X’s expense.

Though we have to remember that Spotify is indeed a business, who undoubtedly sought to capitalize on the inevitable increase in XXXTentacion streams, the posthumous promotion of X’s music does seem hypocritical on a moral level. The company was willing to fall on their sword in their effort against hateful conduct, where X was initially branded as a scapegoat of sorts. His music, chiefly the ? single “Sad!” was subsequently removed from all official Spotify playlists, including the highly popular “Rap Caviar.” After receiving near-universal backlash from fan and artist alike, they ultimately reversed their decision, citing the rollout as “botched.”

To be fair, social media users are generally quick to anger, and will express outrage at anything and everything if given the proper chance. To be fair, there is most certainly a case to be made here. If Spotify previously felt that X’s music should be removed from their playlist, putting him front and center after his passing is tacky at best, callous at worst.


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SAY WHAT NOW?: Iggy Azalea Defends Her Nude Instagram Photos – “It Gives Me Something Else Creative I Can Focus On”

Iggy would rather be dropping songs.

If you’ve been paying attention to Iggy Azalea’s Instagram for the past month, you would have noticed the shift in her posts. While there are sexy pictures of Azalea scattered throughout her page, the frequency of their appearance has dramatically increased. Trust me, we’re not complaining, just observing the progression from bikini model to nude model. Iggy recently posted several nude photos of herself on Instagram, and they did their job. The pics are not distasteful or sexually charged whatsoever, but still, some people can never be satisfied. Internet warriors from around the web decided to slam Iggy for posting the pictures, and she responded to the aggravated few on Twitter yesterday.

“Say what you want about me posting pictures on instagram but honestly, it gives me something else creative i can focus on,” tweeted Iggy. She continued on to hint at a possible rift between her and the record label. “When sometimes im in a dark place or i feel stagnant. Most days i want my project to drop, yesterday! but i dont get to make those choices.” It sounds like Iggy has music she is ready to drop, but someone is holding her back. She reiterated her frustration in a second tweet. “And maybe its silly, but it really has been helping me lately to feel more postive and just keep my mind in a creative space constantly thinking of new visual things and color palates,” she began. “Im really glad ive got something i can do without needing permission.”

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FACTS OR REACHING?: The Internet is Mad at Kim Kardashian Because She Wore Braids In Her Hair Again; Once Again Accuses Her of “Cultural Appropriation”

A couple of months back, Kim Kardashian was shaded for sporting a set of cornrows she believed to be inspired by Bo Derek in the film 10. However, social media was quick to denounce her hairstyle, accusing the reality television star for cultural appropriation. Many believed that Kardashian had not recognized that she styled her mane with fulani braids, but instead, attributed the look to a white actress.

However, Kardashian decided to appear at the MTV Movie & TV Awards sporting these highly-contested braids. Decked out in a two-piece Versace ensemble, the beauty and fashion mogul allowed her plaited tresses to take centre stage, as she opted out of wearing any flashy jewelry.

Once again, Twitter took offence, shaming Kardashian for her ill-advised hairstyle. One upset user wrote how “Kim Kardashian in these braids is exhausting. The most annoying part is that at this point she knows what she’s doing, she knows what cultural appropriation is and that it upsets people yet she still chooses to do it because she knows it doesn’t upset the right ppl or cost her $$.”

Another disgruntled Twitter user even stated “u can wear the braids but ur biracial kid has the pressed hair?? Ok Ms. Kim Kardashian.” I personally don’t think Kim wakes up and says “Oh, let me wear braids in my hair to appropriate culture today.” But per usual, the internet loves to pick apart anything the Kardashians do, especially Kim. Check out some of the reactions to Kim’s braids below. What do you guys think? FACTS OR REACHING? As far as these “appropriation” claims.

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NOT ME, GIRL!: Nas Reportedly Not Upset About the Timing Of Jay-Z & Beyoncé’s Album

The timing of the Jay-Z’s collaborative project with Beyoncé have some thinking his beef with Nas is reignited.

Nas’ latest project Nasir, dropped last Friday. The Kanye West-produced album had a whole month long rollout, including a listening party in Queens, New York. The official release was actually a few hours late and became a source of humor for Chris Rock. In contrast, Jay Z and Beyoncé’s album Everything Is Love had the surprise-release treatment. Apparently, the collaboration was completed only hours before the drop. The timing of the couple’s drop has some people wondering if Jay Z and Nas are digging up an old rivalry. Sources close to Nas affirm that he bears no ill thoughts about Everything Is Love’s being released so close to Nasir. It is said that he doesn’t believe their album will take away from his work’s shine.

The two had been sparring from the late 90’s to the early 2000’s until Nas’ “Ether” hit the public’s ear. That was the end of the battle in popular opinion. Some like Schoolboy Q, would disagree, though. In 2017, Camron identified this rough patch in their relationship as his favorite rap beef. Fortunately, the two rappers buried the hatchet in 2005 and have been linked as friends ever since.

It could be argued that Jay-Z won the overall battle. He’s been consistently relevant in the game and expanded into business gracefully. His latest venture involves being named President of Basketball Operation at Puma. He also happens to be married to the baddest chick. Nas, on the other hand, is dealing with the public’s knowledge of his difficult relationship with his ex Kelis, which involved issues of domestic abuse.

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KEEPING UP WITH THE DRAMA: Rob Kardashian Thinks Blac Chyna Tried To Sabotage His Father’s Day with Shady Child Support Post; Currently Paying Her 20k Each Month

Rob thinks Blac Chyna is trying to sabotage his name by making up lies on social media.

It looks like Blac Chyna & Rob Kardashian still aren’t getting this whole co-parenting thing down. According to a source via TMZ, Rob believes his baby mama was trying to sabotage his Father’s Day by making up lies about him on social media.

If you missed it, Blac Chyna decided to fire some shots at both her baby daddies on IG this past Sunday, writing “wow Tyga and Rob … no child support BOSS BITCH ALL 201[8].”

Rob believes Chyna simply did that to try and ruin his Father’s Day. He thinks Chyna was egging him on to come after her with some slander back because he’s prohibited from doing so. According to their custody agreement, they made an agreement to keep all the negative stuff off social media, and he thinks she was baiting him to fire back at her.

Sources say Rob has been paying child support every month, which is a crazy $20K a month, but he’s wanting it to be drastically lowered because he’s not making any money at the moment. It’s also reported that Rob is a great Father and never misses or skips a visit to see their daughter Dream. So maybe Chyna really was just trying to egg Rob on to come back at her? Who knows. Either way, it’s still petty games from two grown adults.

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THIS TOO MUCH: Rapper Jimmy Wopo Dead Following Double Shooting In Pittsburgh

Hours after the death of XXXTENTACION, there are new reports on another death in the hip hop community. Earlier today, there were reports that Pittsburgh’s Jimmy Wopo was among two men who were shot in a Pittsburgh shooting. Both men were transported to the hospital where one of the victim’s was in critical condition while the other was in stable condition at the time. Unfortunately, Jimmy Wopo has been confirmed dead.

KDKA reports Jimmy Wopo was shot earlier today in a double drive by shooting. The police said that both victims were taken to the hospital but where Jimmy Wopo was said to be in critical condition and the other man was in stable condition. Unfortunately, Wopo died in the hospital. Jimmy Wopo’s manager confirmed the news on Facebook.

“I lost my brother today and it’s the worst feeling in the world. He was destined for greatness and he wanted the best for his friends, family and community. We lost a great person today, but just know I will do everything in my power to make his memory live on forever. Love you bro #LongLiveWopo” he wrote.

Jimmy Wopo was not only making buzz in his city but was gearing up to be the next out of Pittsburgh. Prior to his manager confirming the news, Juicy J and Pusha T both sent their condolences to the buzzing rapper.

R.I.P. Jimmy Wopo. Another great artists gone too soon.

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GOD FORGIVES, THE COURT DON’T: Rick Ross “Mastermind” Lawsuit Decision Appealed, Loses $2 Million Battle

Some might remember Rick Ross being sued a couple of years ago because of his use of the name “Mastermind.” A legal battle was initiated in 2015, a virtually unknown rapper who bears the name filed a lawsuit against Ross, Def Jam Records, and Universal Music Group. The allegations included trademark infringement, unjust enrichment, and misappropriation of the name in question.

In 2013, Ross released his sixth studio album and named it “Mastermind.” The plaintiff, independent artist Raul Caiz, claimed to have been active under this name for 20 years and had the moniker trademarked. Songs by the independent artist were already in rotation on the radio. He asserted that Ross’ use of the name caused confusion in the market, an impediment to his career. The record debuted at the top spot on Billboard 100. Then a tour of the same name was announced. Ross began calling himself “Mastermind” during interviews, shows, and appearances. Others started using the nickname to refer to Ross from then.

In December 2016, a judge sided with Ross and his affiliates, after which Caiz motioned for an appeal. Last week, a jury overturned the original decision made by the judge and awarded the plaintiff his requested amount of $2 million.

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SAD TIMES: Rapper XXXTentacion Pronounced Dead at 20 Years Old After Being Shot in Miami

The controversial young Florida rap star XXXTentacion is dead. (See previous post) Earlier today we reported, an unidentified assailant shot him while he was shopping for motorcycles in Deerfield Beach, FL. He was rushed to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead by the Broward Co. Sheriff’s Department, according to TMZ. XXXTentacion was only 20.

His legacy will always be a complicated, tangled thing. The embattled rapper (real name: Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy) — whose rise to rap’s mainstream has been mired in legal trouble, as he’s facing more than a dozen felony charges and allegations of domestic violence — was shopping for motorcycles when shots rang out, TMZ reports. XXXTentacion and was awaiting trial on the charges.

XXXTentacion recently earned his first No. 1 album on the all-genre Billboard 200 chart with ?, which debuted atop the list dated March 31. The set, which was released on his own Bad Vibes Forever label, gave him a second top 10 set, following 17, which debuted and peaked at No. 2 last year. The same week that ? opened at No. 1, he notched his first top 10 song on the Billboard Hot 100 with “Sad!,” which has so far peaked at No. 7. Collectively, his albums have earned 2 million equivalent album units in the U.S., according to Nielsen Music, through June 14. In total, his catalog of songs have tallied 3.96 billion on-demand streams (audio and video combined).

Our prayers and thoughts go out to his loved ones at this difficult time.

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NOT TODAY: Suge Knight Reportedly Won’t Be Allowed To Leave Prison For His Mother’s Funeral

Suge Knight’s plea to leave jail to go to his mother’s funeral has been denied.

This year hasn’t been the best for Suge Knight for several reasons. While his legal issues have been weighing on him, the former CEO of Death Row has also dealt with issues with his health and his personal life. Earlier today, it was reported that Suge’s mother passed away last night after dealing with some severe health issues over the past month. Unfortunately, Suge won’t be able to pay his final respects to his mother at the funeral.

Suge Knight won’t be able to get ahold of a “get out of jail free” card, according to TMZ. Suge asked the court to allow him to leave prison in order to attend his mother’s funeral but the request was shot down. Due to the fact that Suge Knight is a homicide suspect, he’s ineligible to get any sort of pass to be able to attend events, even if it’s the funeral of his own mother. However, the fight isn’t exactly over. If he wanted to, Suge could file a petition with the court to be able to travel for his mother’s funeral but the chances of that pulling through are slim.

Suge Knight’s mother, Maxine Chatman, died last night in Paramount, CA. According to reports, her health hasn’t been stable for the past month after suffering a stroke. She died at 77 years old.

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PRAYERS UP: Rapper XXXTentacion Shot in Miami, Witnesses Say No Pulse (VIDEO)

XXXTentacion was shot in Miami on Monday afternoon (June 18) and the rapper does not appear to have a pulse, according to witnesses.

The 20-year-old rapper was shopping around Miami for motorcycles and was sitting in his car outside of a dealership when a gunman ran up to the vehicle and shot him. A video posted on TMZ shows the rapper looking lifeless in the car while witnesses try to attend to him.

XXX‘s latest album ? went to number one on the Billboard 200 album chart this year and his song “Sad!” went all the way to number seven on the Hot 100.

We are sending out thoughts and prayers to XXX and his loved ones right now. Check out the video below:

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DOING IT FOR THE KIDS…LITERALLY: John Cena Is “Willing To Have Surgery” So He Can Have A Baby With Nikki Bella

John Cena and Nikki Bella were recently spotted having a very intense dinner conversation. No one knows for sure what they could have been talking about, but the latest episode of E!’s Total Bellas has let us in on their latest relationship happenings. Being as their relationship ended because John didn’t want to have children, he has now changed his mind and is willing to go under the knife for his love.

“I physically can’t have kids,” John, said in Sunday’s episode, according to PEOPLE. “So I’m also telling you that I’m willing to have surgery and then still go through with being a dad.”

“You’re sure, though?” Nikki replied. “Are you gonna change your mind?” John let her know that he would not go back on his word adding, “I would never, ever say something like this.” After Nikki began crying, telling John he would be an amazing father, he added: “Just tell me you love me and that you’ll marry me.” They kissed and now we know that things are back on between the two and they will be walking down the altar sooner than later.

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