BOY IF YOU DON’T GET!: Bow Wow Decided It Was Good Idea to Randomly Disrespect Ciara & Russell Wilson – “I Had That B*tch First!” (VIDEO)

Bow Wow decided it’d be a good idea to add a rather extra ad-lib in during his song ‘Like You.’

Shad Moss has had his fair share of high-profile relationships with industry sweethearts. After being engaged to two of his former lovers and failing to make it to the altar, the rapper now claims he will be single forever. However, apparently he’s still a bit sour over one of his former lovers (that or just seeking some attention) as he decided to randomly diss Ciara during a performance on their collabo ‘Like You,’ over the weekend.

He appeared to have thrown shade at Ciara and her marriage to husband Russell Wilson. “I had this b**ch first!,” Bow Wow yelled while on stage in the middle of the performance. For those unfamiliar, He dated Ciara when the two were much younger, long before she linked up with her NFL hubby.

Bow Wow’s remark didn’t sit well with some of his hip-hop peers. “Damn, Cuzz, just damn!” T.I. wrote in the comments section of the video.

Bow Wow’s unnecessary cry for attention will likely go unheard as Ciara’s in far too happy of a place to acknowledge such ignorance. Ciara is living her best life. She’s met the man of her dreams in husband Russell Wilson, she has two beautiful children, she continues to tour the world performing to sold-out audiences… while Bow Wow is in random clubs searching for a moment as he desperately attempts to hold on to relevancy. What do you guys think?

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