BECAUSE THE INTERNET DOESN’T MISS A THING: Social Media Thinks DaBaby & DaniLeigh Are Shacking Up Together During Quarantine After Photo Similarities

DaBaby and DaniLeigh posted separate photos/videos on the same balcony, prompting fans to comment on their alleged relationship.

This weekend, Charlotte rapper DaBaby decided to have a photo shoot out on the balcony — as we’ve all been doing during quarantine times — but his decision to do so may have backfired as internet sleuths have just assumed his latest romance as a direct result.

For months, DaBaby and fellow rapper DaniLeigh, who collaborated together on the song “Levi High,” have been romantically linked. Things slowed down for a minute after B. Simone was the subject of a joke proposal on Wild ‘N Out but it looks like DaniLeigh is once again the apple of DaBaby’s eye.

Following his masked balcony photoshoot, fans of the rapper noticed a distinctive pattern on the guard rail, which was shockingly also present in a video posted by DaniLeigh. Unless they both decided to design their balconies after the other, they’re definitely together during the quarantine. Your suspicion has officially paid off.

It’s worth it to point out that neither DaBaby nor DaniLeigh have confirmed the rumors. The internet was quick to make the observation, leaving it up to the rest of social media to share their thoughts on the possible couple.

Nobody let B. Simone see this… Do you think they make a cute couple, if that’s indeed what they are? Or are people just looking a little too deep?

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