BABY BELCALIS FOR THE WIN!: Cardi B’s Sassy Baby Picture Has Turned Into Hilarious “Tattle-Tale” Memes That Are Taking Over the Internet

As the Jay-Z jetskiing meme begins to lose some steam, there had to be another photo taking its spot as one of the most celebrated memes of July and who else would it have gone to other than Cardi B. Cardi B has always been both charismatic and fully of personality since we were first introduced to her, and she seems to have been just as charismatic when she was a child. The origins of how the internet found one of Bardi’s baby photos is unclear but they sure are having some fun with it. Poking some fun at herself, Cardi is playing along.

As of now, Cardi B has shared three of the memes surrounding her baby photos and she’s bound to continue as they get funnier. In the image, a young Belcalis stands all sassy-looking with her hand on her hip, giving the camera an “mhm”-type look. The photo is being used for any sentence that can comfortably start with “As a matter of fact,” bringing her into meme royalty.

In the last few years, many rappers have been turned into memes. From Young Thug & Lil Duke and 21 Savage to the most recent Cardi B and Jay-Z, it’s often the most fun when celebrities decide to get involved in the jokes. We’ve collected some of the funniest for your viewing pleasure below:

😂😂😂😂😂ya need to stop

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