ARE YOU SURE?: Soulja Boy (Man?) Goes Off On Tyga After Fans Claim He Had a Better Year Than Him – “I Had the Biggest Comeback of 2018!” (VIDEO)

What did Tyga ever do to you, Soulja?

It feels like Soulja Boy (Man?) has been dropping a mixtape every week. You’ve got to respect the hustle. He seemingly lives in the studio, putting all of his energy into his musical efforts these days. After attempting to launch a rival product to Nintendo, Soulja is back on his music grind, releasing tons of tracks as he hopes to recapture the hearts of millions in America. Last night, he hopped on Instagram Live to call out anybody who thinks he didn’t have the biggest comeback of 2018. To an extent, he has a point. He became a lot more relevant than in past years. However, Tyga had a few hit records that bolstered his reentry into the conversation. Soulja isn’t pleased with how people keep talking about T-Raw and he wants all the smoke with the California rapper.

“I’m on fire right now!” yelled Soulja Boy into his phone. “I had the biggest comeback of 2018. N***as up here talking about Tyga. Tyga!? Tyga? Huh? Tyga had the biggest [comeback]? Man, get the fuck out of here!”

He goes on to say that everybody had counted him out before he made his way back into the conversation, which is true. He has a chip on his shoulder right now but instead of going after Tyga, he may want to just focus on his own comeback effort. Because, seriously, what did Tyga ever do to him? Peep the video footage below:

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