WE KNEW THIS WAS COMING: 50 Cent Trolls Ja Ryle After Hearing He Owes Over $2 Million in Taxes – “I Know He’s Not Bright but Damn”

“I know he not that bright but damn.”

The longstanding feud between 50 Cent and Ja Rule is still happening. If you didn’t believe two grown men could be this petty, you’ve clearly never navigated through 50 Cent’s Instagram page. The man is hilariously shady on social media, continually going after his regular foes and ensuring that he always has the upper hand. Just the other day, he saw that Teairra Mari was starting to gain some momentum in their feud and what did he do? He filed for a trademark on the slogan she’s been using against him. Using business tactics to prevent her bag is one of the pettiest things Fiddy has done this year and today, he decided to spark a fire with another one of his enemies, going at Ja Rule and reacting to the rapper’s reported $2 million debt with the IRS.

Yesterday, news broke that Ja Rule owes over $2 million in back taxes and per usual, 50 Cent chose to publicly respond on his page. He reposted the headline, adding his own two cents in the caption. “Come on I know he not that bright but damn,” wrote the Power producer.

At this point, you can’t expect any other type of reaction from the entrepreneur. 50 Cent appears to do regular Google searches for his rivals, making sure that he has the most up-to-date information before striking with his venomous bite. Are you on team Ja or 50?

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NOT ME, GIRL!: Rihanna’s Father Denies Using the “Fenty” Name For Personal Business Gain

Ronald Fenty denies the allegations.

At the top of the year, Rihanna filed a lawsuit against her father alleging that he was using her name and brand to leverage his own business. As the report goes, Rihanna claimed her father was pulling in millions from his talent developmental company called Fenty Entertainment. Ronald Fenty and his business partner were accused of pretending to be Rihanna’s rep and even booked her for shows that she gave no authorization for.

Ronald has now responded to the lawsuit, denying the allegations and stating how Rihanna has not suffered any damages from him trying to run his business, The Blast reports. Ronald believes he has every right to use his last name for his business and states how he doesn’t need his daughter’s permission. “Defendants deny that their use of “Fenty” requires authorization from Plaintiffs,” the document reads.

Back in 2011, after Rihanna was beaten up by her ex Chris Brown, the “Needed Me” singer spoke out about feeling betrayed by her father who went straight to the press to spill her information before talking to her.

“You hear the horror stories about people going behind people’s backs and doing strange things, but you always think, ‘Not my family. My father would never do that to me,'” she said. “But my dad went to the press and just told them a bunch of lies. Because he hadn’t talked to me after … that whole thing . He never called to find out how I was doing, if I was alive, nothing. He just never called. He went straight to the press and got a cheque. And now he does it again.”

She added: “It’s like, what do I even mean to him? It’s really strange. That’s the only word I can think of to describe it, because you grow up with your father, you know him, you are a part of him, for goodness sake! And then he does something so bizarre that I can’t begin to wrap my mind around it.”

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FACTS OR REACHING?: Marlon Wayans Says “Game Of Thrones” Needs More Black Actors (VIDEO)

Where the brothers at.

Game of Thrones is the hottest topic right now since the final season has finally arrived which means a high number of people are tuned into HBO like never before. While the first episode has pulled in some crazy reactions and the “next week on Game of Thrones” teaser already has people buggin’ there is one person who isn’t really tuned in all that much.

TMZ caught Marlon Wayans at LAX and while he was well aware that the new season has taken off, he called out the show for the lack of black actors. “I don’t see a lot of brothers on it,” he said, as seen below. “So there ain’t no, like, Julius’, Lamar’s and a Jamal. Imagine a Jamal…on a dragon.” The paparazzi agrees, saying how there’s a “power issue even in the Game of Thrones universe.”

The White Chicks actor admitted that he isn’t much of a fan for the series since he chose Walking Dead over the HBO show, simply because he doesn’t have that much to “binge watch all the shit.”

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GET IT GIRL!: Megan Thee Stallion Celebrates First Hot 100 Entry With “Big Ole Freak”

Megan Thee Stallion’s making THEE moves!

One of the most talked about rappers right now is Megan Thee Stallion. While her twerk videos have dominated the timeline, that hasn’t overshadowed her skill set as an emcee. In early March, she released the video for her single, “Big Ole Freak” off of Tina Snow. The song was already getting some attention before the video but the visuals helped the track gain more attention. Over a month after the video dropped, the song’s been continuing to buzz heavily and recently helped her earn her first Billboard Hot 100 entry.

Megan The Stallion has just earned her first Hot 100 entry with “Big Ole Freak.” The track debuted at #99 on the chart and at this rate, it’ll likely continue to climb up to the top 40. She took to Instagram to thank her fans and reiterate that she accomplished this on her own terms.

“We made it on @billboard hot 100 hotties !!! Look I don’t have an album out yet, this is my first Entry EVER on the hot 100 charts, never got any handouts, I’m working my mf ass off everyday! I just wanna tell y’all I AINT NEVER FUCKIN STOPPING,” she wrote. “I love my fuckin hotties keep streaming BOF!”

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HOW YOU DOIN’, KEVIN?: Wendy Williams Reportedly Fires Husband As Executive Producer; Gives Him 48 Hours To Move Out Of Home

How you doin, Kevin?

Earlier today we posted about reports that Wendy Williams was working out a plan to have her husband Kevin Hunter step down from his executive producer position on her self-titled talk show. Fast forward just a few hours later and The Daily Mailnow exclusively reports that Wendy has gone ahead and fired Kevin and given him 48 hours to vacate their shared home.

“Kevin had expected to stay on at the show and as Wendy’s manager. He ran the show with an iron fist, he was the guy who kept the vultures away,” a source told the publication. “But when Wendy saw the photos of him and Sharina last week on the Daily Mail going out for dinner and her driving around in a Ferrari she was furious.” As we posted before, Kevin gifted his mistress with a new Ferrari that was reportedly paid for with Wendy’s money. As you can see below, it’s now it’s been towed away thanks to Wendy’s swift moves.

“That’s what tipped her over the edge, she was like, “he’s gotta go”. She now wants him out of her life completely, she’s given him 48 hours to clear his office and clear his belongings out of the house.”

Apparently, Wendy’s sister has come through from Florida to help Wendy keep things in order while this is all going down. Kevin has apologized, releasing a statement on how sorry he is.

“I am not proud of my recent actions and take full accountability and apologize to my wife, my family and her amazing fans. I am going through a time of self-reflection and am trying to right some wrongs,” he wrote. “No matter what the outcome is or what the future holds, we are still The Hunter Family and I will continue to work with and fully support my wife in this business and through any and all obstacles she may face living her new life of sobriety, while I also work on mine.”

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WHEN YOU USE YOUR GOLD DUG COINS ON THE WRONG THINGS: Blac Chyna Hit With $48K Lawsuit By Landlord Over Five Months Unpaid Rent

Blac Chyna allegedly hasn’t paid five months worth of rent.

Blac Chyna has more legal drama to tend to. According to TMZ, her former landlord has sued her for nearly $50K over unpaid rent.

Blac Chyna’s former landlord has accused the model of ditching the final five months of her lease without paying anything upfront. Chyna’s home was located in Studio City, CA and she’s been renting from there since April 2017. The landlord revealed in the lawsuit that she signed the lease agreeing that she would occupy the home until March 2019. However, he said that she got up and left in November 2018.

The landlord said that Chyna owes him $55,546 for five months of rent. However, after deducting her $25K deposit and adding on the $18K in damages, the landlord said that Chyna owes $48,546. Chyna allegedly removed “fixtures and equipment” from the home which the landlord claims caused $18K in damages.

Chyna’s former landlord is suing her for the amount as well as interest and attorney fees.

Aside from the lawsuit over rent, she and the father of her child, Dream, came to an agreement in their custody battle in late March. Rob was previously paying $20K a month in child support but now, the judge has ruled that they’ll share custody of their child, meaning Rob won’t have to pay Chyna. However, the report did say that Rob would have custody of Chyna more frequently.

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SOMEBODY COMES LOOK AT THIS: Boosie Badazz Reacts To Jussie Smollett Calling Himself The “Gay Tupac” – “Sit down & Get the D*ck put Your A**” (VIDEO)

Boosie Badazz says Jussie Smollett needs to sit down and take the “d*ck out his ass.”

Boosie Badazz is a pretty controversial man when he wants to be. The other day, he called out his fans during a live-stream after finding out his album only sold 300 copies. Whenever he speaks on something, you know his passion is bound to come out. Especially when you ask his opinion on current events. The staged hate crime involving Jussie Smollett has been one of the biggest stories of the entire year and even though the charges were dropped against the actor, Boosie still believes that he’s guilty of faking the attack. During a new interview with VladTV, he suggested as much before addressing the Empire star’s claims that he’s the “gay Tupac.”

In case you’ve been hiding under a rock, Jussie Smollett was allegedly the victim of a hate crime, being targeted for his race and sexuality. After a ton of evidence was unearthed that debunks the mystery, all sixteen charges against Smollett were surprisingly tossed. Much of the public still believes that Smollett is still responsible for paying the Osundairo brothers to carry out a fake attack on him because he was unhappy with his television salary. Boosie reacted to the news by implying that he definitely did what he was accused of but that somebody was paid to sweep the case under the rug. “I feel like he was going through a lot, the man was going through a lot,” says Boosie before speaking on gay men in general. “Gay men are so real, they’re real friends,” said the Louisiana rapper. “Cause they got real hearts. They be real good friends. But when they fucking click, they crazy as fuck. They can turn into other people… I’m telling you.”

Boosie ended up cutting himself off, fearing that his words may be taken out of context. Speaking about Smollett’s “gay Tupac” claims, Boopac said that Jussie needs to sit down and “get the dick out yo ass.” Watch the latest part of Boosie’s interview with Vlad below.

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THE PISSY PIPER GOES TO JAIL: R. Kelly Could Reportedly End Up Back In Jail Again Over Child Support Payments

Kells has reportedly skipped payments to Drea Kelly in the past two months.

R. Kelly has already gone to jail twice in the past few months and there’s a good chance he could be heading back for the third time. Unfortunately, if he does head back to jail, it’ll be for the same reason he was locked up in early March.

R. Kelly has reportedly missed the last two months of his child support payments to his ex-wife Drea Kelly who’s supposed to receive $20,833 a month, TMZ reports. The singer was already sent to jail in March after he failed to pay months worth of child support payments which amounted to $161,633. The singer was released after someone cleared the debt for him. With two months of child support owed, there’s a chance he could return to jail.

Kelly has told the judge that he could no longer afford the $20K a month in child support and that he wanted it to be lowered. A judge said that he’d hear out Kelly’s reason but not until May 8th when the singer’s next hearing is.

Other debts that Kelly owed back have reportedly sucked his bank account dry. The singer owed his landlord $173k over back rent. One of his bank accounts had $150K seized, leaving him with a balance of -$13. Two of Kelly’s accounts with Bank Of America also had money seized from them, totaling $154,527.22 which left him with a remainder of $625 to his name.

Earlier this month, the singer was paid $22K for an hour-long club appearance in Springfield, Illinois which he apparently didn’t cough up to Drea for child support.

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LOVE WINS: Gabrielle Union Explains Attending Gay Pride Parade With Family – “It Feels Normal”

She says she went to her first Pride parade when she was eight-years-old.

A week ago, the Wade family made an appearance at the Miami Beach Gay Pride parade, reportedly in support of their 11-year-old son, Zion Wade. Union shared a photo of herself and Zion enjoying the festivities, and while Dwyane couldn’t be there with them because of work, he showed his support on his Instagram Story. “We support each other with Pride,” D-Wade posted. Over another image, Wade wrote, “Zion had his own cheering section today. Wish I was there to see you smile kid!” Zaire, Zion’s 17-year-old brother, also shared his public support on IG, writing: “Love you lil bro no matter what.”

There were some on social media who congratulated the Wades for being there for their son, but there were others who didn’t approve of a child so young attending Pride, an event that many believe should be reserved for adults. However, Union recently spoke with Us Weekly about their decision to attend Pride with the entire Wade crew, saying that it was nothing strange or out of the ordinary for her.

“It feels normal,” the 46-year-old actress told them at the Black Design Collective Honors Costume Designer Ruth E. Carter event. “My mom took me to my first pride at eight-years-old. We moved to San Francisco, and it’s kind of part of being a global citizen.”

After the parade, the family reportedly went to a drag queen show together. “People talk a lot about diversity and inclusion, but they don’t actually mean it,” Union continued. “In our household, we mean that, and that’s why the entire household went to pride.”

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WHO ALL GOING?: Nas & Mary J. Blige Announce Co-Headlining Tour This Summer

Two legends are hitting the road.

It’s always welcome when two iconic artists link up, and today finds Nas and Mary J Blige uniting for a co-headlining tour. Hitting twenty-two stops across Canada and the United States, Nas and Mary J. will be setting it off on July 19th with a Palm Beach concert. The tour will continue throughout the summer, hitting Atlanta, Charlotte, Raleigh, Detroit, Phoenix, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Nevada, Toronto, and more. Intruiged parties can buy tickets this Friday at 10Am, via Live Nation.

Yet the pair have many collaborations in the cut, including “Love Is All You Need,” “Feel Inside,” and “Reach Out.” If you’re interested in witnessing these two legends in action, be sure to check out the full list of dates below. Should you see a ^ beside a given date, the shows in question are without Nas.

07-19 West Palm Beach, FL – Coral Sky Amphitheatre at the S. Florida Fairgrounds
07-13 Tampa, FL – MIDFLORIDA Credit Union Amphitheatre at the FL State Fairgrounds
07-14 Jacksonville, FL – Daily’s Place ^
07-16 Atlanta, GA – Cadence Bank Amphitheatre at Chastain Park
07-20 Atlantic City, NJ – Hard Rock Live at Etess Arena ^
07-21 Virginia Beach, VA – Veterans United Home Loans Amphitheater
07-24 Charlotte, NC – PNC Music Pavilion
07-25 Raleigh, NC – Coastal Credit Union Music Park at Walnut Creek
07-28 Detroit, MI – DTE Energy Music Theatre
07-31 St. Louis, MO – Hollywood Casino Amphitheater
08-02 Houston, TX – The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion
08-03 Austin, TX – Austin360 Amphitheater
08-06 Kansas City, MO – Starlight Theatre
08-09 Phoenix, AZ – Ak-Chin Pavilion
08-14 San Francisco, CA – Shoreline Amphitheatre
08-16 Las Vegas, NV – The Joint ^
08-17 Las Vegas, NV – The Joint ^
08-20 Albuquerque, NM – Isleta Amphitheater
08-22 Dallas, TX – Dos Equis Pavilion
08-25 Tuscaloosa, AL – Tuscaloosa Amphitheater
08-31 Syracuse, NY – St Joseph’s Health Amphitheater
09-01 Boston, MA – Xfinity Center
09-10 Toronto, Ontario – Budweiser Stage

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NOW THESE ARE “GOALS”: Russell Wilson Becomes Highest Paid Player in the NFL with $140 Million Contract Extension

Wilson is now the highest paid player in the NFL.

Russell Wilson had only one year left on his contract heading into this season and he was desperate to get an extension from the Seattle Seahawks. Back in January, it was reported that Wilson had given the Seahawks an April 15th deadline to get a contract extension done and that he wouldn’t sign a deal after the deadline. If Wilson went into the offseason next year without a contract, he could risk getting hit with a franchise tag which would hurt his ability to go and get his desired contract. Luckily for Wilson and the Seahawks, both parties agreed to a deal right at the deadline last night.

According to ESPN, the terms of the deal make Wilson the highest paid player in the league. The contract is for four years, ending in 2023 and is worth $140 million. Included in the deal are a $65 million signing bonus and an annual average salary of $35 million. Both of these figures surpass that of the contract signed by Aaron Rodgers last year, who makes $33.5 million a year and received a $57.5 million signing bonus.

After signing his big deal, Wilson and his wife Ciara took to Twitter where they looked pretty happy and cuddled up. Wilson addressed his fans letting them know that they could breathe easy as a deal was finally agreed to.

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TOO LITTLE TOO LATE: Wendy Williams’ Husband Kevin’s Hunter Issues Apology Statement to Wendy – “I’m Not Proud of My Recent Actions”

Kevin Hunter shares words about his soon-to-be ex wife Wendy Williams and their divorce.

The Hunter household has been a topic of conversation since Wendy Williams served her husband of 20 years the boot. And the expulsion seems timely considering the recent turn of events. Kevin Hunter’s resilient affair of ten years resulting in the birth of a lovechild was one of the many cherries on top of the cake that brought Williams to the edge. The talk-show host finally drew the line when she found out Hunter’s alleged mistress was now ferrari-pushing thanks to that Hunter coin. Wendy chose to chuck the deuces in the most savage way possible by sending off a neatly tied boxed gift to her husband which contained divorce papers.

The controversial television icon spoke briefly about the ordeal during the Hot Topic segment of her show, revealing she’ll be undergoing a solo journey to well-being. Previously, she also confirmed staying in a sober house to battle an enduring struggle with drugs and alcohol. While it seems Williams said her piece surrounding her divorce, Kevin Hunter also opted to share some words this morning:

“I am not proud of my recent actions and take full accountability and apologize to my wife, my family and her amazing fans. I am going through a time of self-reflection and am trying to right some wrongs. No matter what the outcome is or what the future holds, we are still The Hunter Family and I will continue to work with and fully support my wife in this business and through any and all obstacles she may face living her new life of sobriety, while I also work on mine. I ask that you please give me and my family privacy as we heal. Thank you.”

It is nice to see family still comes first to Mr. Hunter (sort of) and we hope for a smooth process in the former couple’s separation.

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