GIRL, WHAT?: Wendy Williams Once Called R. Kelly a “Very Sick Man” Now She Wants Us to Know How Much She Loves Him: “We’re Friends Now & He’s Wonderful”

Wendy Williams is known for saying some questionable things and putting her foot in her mouth, but has anyone else noticed that she’s really been saying some crazy shit lately?

Well, if you’re not convinced Wendy had her audience a little confused when she told them who her “new friend is.” Once she revealed it was R. Kelly, she didn’t receive any cheers, but rather just a number of audience members saying “what?” and “boo.” The clip even shows her camera operator who was just as shocked.

“People have many layers to their personality,” she said. “And I must tell you, Robert is wonderful. Excuse me for living and giving people a break.”

She further explains how she met up with the singer – who has been charged for child pornography, seducing young women and more – where they had a two and a half hour meeting, detailing how the “brown” was already poured when she walked in.

This isn’t the first time Wendy has mentioned R. Kelly on her talk show. Not too long ago Wendy said she was “sick of” the #MeToo movement and said the women who are protesting to stop R. Kelly from performing – in wake of the movement- are “10 years too late.”

“This has nothing to do with #MeToo,” she said. “R. Kelly is just a very, very sick man.”

What changed to make her now be friends with a “very sick man”?

To know me is to love me. Thanks for the ❤️@wendyshow ! Get well soon!

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ISSA BOP OR ISSA FLOP?: Kandi Burruss Just Dropped Her New Solo Single ‘Fake People’ (LISTEN)

Kandi Burruss may have decided to pass up on new Xscape music since she’s booked, but that apparently isn’t stopping her from releasing solo material. Kandi just dropped “Fake People”, a catchy anthem about folks who smile in your face and talk behind your back.

The ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ star first began teasing the track over a week ago, and we’re wondering if maybe it’s lyrics are drawing from her experiences on the show or maybe even the pass drama she had with her group Xscape? With lyrics like:

“I can’t f**k with fake people, they always want something for nothing, but they ain’t doing nothing for me.”

One can’t help but wonder where the inspiration was drawn from.

‘Fake People’ hit the net today is available at all major outlets. Take a listen to it below? Are you feeling this solo Kandi? ISSA BOP OR ISSA FLOP?

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WELL THIS COULD GET UGLY: Tisha Campbell-Martin Demands Spousal Support and Custody of Children in Divorce with Duane Martin

DAMN GINA! “Martin” star Tisha Campbell-Martin wants her husband to pay up in their divorce.

According to TMZ, Tisha filed divorce docs Thursday in L.A. stating she and Duane Martin separated in December of 2016 after 20 years of marriage. The two have two sons together, 8 and 16 years old.

In the docs, Tisha seeks spousal support and to split both physical and legal custody of the couple’s children.

In a statement, Tisha said “After 27 years of being together and two amazing children, it pains me to announce that I’ve filed for divorce. It’s an emotional time and I graciously ask for privacy for me, our children and the rest of our family.”

Most recently, Tisha and Duane have reportedly been steeped in troublesome financial issues. The two reportedly filed for bankruptcy in 2016, claiming $15 million in debt.

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WHAT IS…?:Kendrick Lamar Was An Answer On “Jeopardy!” And Nobody Knew Who He Was

Kendrick Lamar: International superstar, multi-platinum recording artist, one of the most well-known rappers in the world and now, the answer to a trivia question on Jeopardy! It was only a matter of time before King Kendrick would start popping up in trivia questions. With his triumphant success curating the Black Panther movie soundtrack, his ultra profitable albums and his status atop an exclusive list of the top rappers in the game right now, K-Dot has come through in a big way the last few years. Apparently, his fame has not yet caught wind of those participating on the Jeopardy! game show last night as they flunked a Kendrick-related question in a big way.

To readers of our website, the question is likely an incredibly easy one, centering on singles and tracks that appear on Kendrick’s most recent solo effort DAMN. The $2000 question to the “Recent R&B and Hip-Hop Hits” category on last night’s episode referenced the most commercially popular cuts from the album, including “DNA.,” “HUMBLE.,” and “LOVE.,” stumping the contestants to the point where they had no clue of what the answer could be. The reigning winner of the show comically shook his head, likely regretting his choice of question.

It’s always fun when Jeopardy! includes categories about hip-hop and its surrounding culture, usually because those are the only answers we can confidently get, but mostly so we can see people’s reactions when they don’t know how to solve questions that seem so obvious to us.

Check out the video below:

these are the only questions i can get right on Jeopardy 🤣

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NOW THOSE ARE GOALS: Remember Those Stocks Kanye West Brought Kim Kardashian? They’ve Already Earned $30,000

As many know, Kanye West gifted his wife Kim Kardashian with a gift that keeps on giving when he got her invested in some of America’s biggest brands. Kim received official stocks for Disney, Apple, Amazon and Disney all registered in her name or Christmas.

In total, the stocks were said to be worth $100,000 USD and as of now, Kim has reportedly raked in approximately $32,120 USD in profit value – not bad. Apple has said to dip in value due to issues with an iOS bug, but Amazon and adidas have grown 25% in market value.

This is yet another stack of cash Kim is raking in as we recently posted that she pulled in a whopping $10 million from her latest fragrance collection in only four days. Just before Valentine’s Day Kim shared her heart-shaped collection in three scent offerings called Bae, Ride or Die & BFF.

Kim recently shared a photo of what she surprised Kanye with for his birthday – a special trip to Japan. “Throwback to that time I surprised Kanye with a trip to Japan for his birthday!” Kim wrote alongside a photo of Kanye smiling wide. “He had to guess where we were going based on the snacks and magazines I had the plane stocked with! He was happy!”

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GIMME MORE: After Her Successful Las Vegas Residency Kevin Federline is Demanding Increase of his $20,000 Per Month Spousal Support from Britney Spears

“Gimme More” isn’t just the name of one of Britney Spears’ hit singles—it’s also what her ex, Kevin Federline, is demanding from the Princess of Pop.

According to US Weekly, The former backup dancer is seeking an increase in child support payments following the smash success of Spears’ Piece of Me Las Vegas residency, which earned $137 million across four years.

Federline currently receives $20,000 per month in child support, but in a letter sent by Federline’s lawyer to Spears’ legal team, the pop star’s ex has requested an increase in order to “recognize the sacrifices he has made because he has gone above and beyond what most people would do in this situation,” a source told the tabloid.

“Kevin has always been supportive of Britney’s recovery and has always recognized what a great mother she has been,” the source continued, adding that Britney, who is under the conservatorship of her father, Jamie, likely “won’t be involved with any of the legal discussions regarding the increase request.”

Spears and Federline, who were married between 2004 and 2007, share two sons together: Jayden, 11, and Preston, 12. In 2008, Spears lost sole physical and legal custody of the boys.

Spears is currently dating personal trainer Sam Asghari. Stay tuned for more on this story as it comes in? What is with all these men trying to take advantage of their celebrity ex-wives lately? I’m looking at YOU, Kendu.

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THAT ONE WASN’T ME!: Blac Chyna Claims Woman In New Sex Tape Is Not Her

Blac Chyna was recently the subject of yet another sex tape leak. But this time, she’s claiming it’s not actually her. Shortly after Chyna’s oral sex video was leaked by an anonymous user on Twitter on Monday, a longer video surfaced on the same social media platform showing a woman, who looks nearly identical to Chyna, engaging in sexual intercourse with an unnamed man. Chyna however, is claiming that the 13-minute, out-of-focus video swimming around the web today is not her. Rather, it’s someone who simply looks like her. And she believes that the lookalike is getting attention for herself in light of her recent misfortune.

According to TMZ, the newest sex tape shows a woman with a similar skin tone, body type, hairstyle and wide collection of tattoos as Blac Chyna, which makes the similarities very striking between the two. But the person is reportedly an imposter — by the admission of Chyna and her team, at least. The model and reality TV star’s legal team are now currently sending cease and desist letters to anyone who unlawfully publishes the video on their site, notably any porn site that is flaunting her famous name at the top of the video. But knowing the web, that’s going to be easier said than done.

The newest sex tape of (supposedly not) Blac Chyna made its way onto Twitter earlier this week. In that time, it has been spreading like wildfire, even though the sexual footage is grainy at best. It should not be confused with a separate sex tape which also made its way onto the web this week. That video, which features Chyna’s former partner Mechie receiving oral sex from her, is not a point of contention. That one seems to be legit.

Sources close to Chyna admit … the woman in the grainy footage does have significant similarities to the reality star, but it is absolutely NOT her.

We’re told Chyna’s legal team has fired off more than 20 cease and desist letters to the porn sites that are hawking the video using Chyna’s name. Her lawyers have also sent the letters to porn sites showing her oral sex tape with Mechie.

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PUT SOME RESPECT ON KILLMONGER’S NAME: Michael B Jordan Claps Back at Tweet Saying He Lives with His Parents: “First of All, They Live with Me!”

Michael B. Jordan is riding a wave of critical admiration and box-office success, thanks to his acclaimed turn as Killmonger in the hugely successful Black Panther film. However, this elevated level of notoriety will inevitably round up a larger pool of haters, who are elated to see a celebrity’s public demise and fledging ubiquity.

Jordan has publicly announced his love of anime many times in the past, most recently speaking about his affinity for the hugely popular genre on Complex’s Hot Ones series. However, one Twitter troll has called out the actor for a myriad of things that are commonly frowned upon socially, including shortness, living with ones parents at an older age, as well as a fondness for “childish” anime.

Jordan felt the need to respond to this comment and set the record straight on some facts that needed to be amended, as they were essentially untrue.

In this specific tweet, the actor reveals how he is quite the fan of Goku and Naruto, two anime legends with cross-generational appeal. However, one Twitter user was critical of the fact that Jordan only listed more mainstream fare, and that his love of the art form is shallow and superficial.

Again, Jordan provided a response to this brash character judgement, stating how he only listed the more recognizable anime figures for people who aren’t as invested in it as he is.

Are you willing to watch cartoons with Michael B Jordan while his parents are in the other room?

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WELL THAT WAS AWKWARD: Tamar Braxton & Vincent Herbert Awkwardly Appear on ‘The View Together; Say They Live Apart & Are in Counseling (VIDEO)

In October of last year, Tamar Braxton filed for divorce from Vince Herbert. What would follow after that news was a whole boatload of drama, including watching their marriage fall apart on their WE series, Tamar and Vince, Tamar’s mother Evelyn accusing Vince more than once of physically abusing her daughter, and the singer even taking to social media to accuse her estranged husband of having a child outside of their marriage. And yet, soon after all of these incidents, the couple was seen traveling and moving about as a unit, with Vince telling media that he was working to try and keep his family together. So where do things stand now? Based on the estranged pair’s visit to The View today, it’s unclear.

Tamar sat at the desk with the hosts of the talk show and was asked to clear things up about all that had gone on with her marriage over the last few months in the public eye. As dramatic as it was, she said all of it was real.

“I absolutely have no reason to lie about my marriage and the things that’s happening in my marriage for ratings,” she said of the allegations that she’s been drumming up marital drama for attention. “That’s disgusting and I would never sell my soul to the devil like that. It’s not that serious.”

“However, I have a regular marriage and regular marriages like everybody else, things happen,” she continued. “And in my marriage, it was to a point where I felt divorce was the only option I had left. We’re in extensive counseling, and that is much needed and still will always be, but the bigger picture of everything is that we have a responsibility to my amazing 4-year-old son, just to raise him in the most comfortable, amazing, loving household that we can. That’s why we don’t live together.”

From there, Tamar was asked about how they’ve managed to move forward since she alleged on social media that he’d impregnated another woman. Vince, sitting in the audience, was asked to come down and clear up the rumor of whether or not he had a secret child somewhere, which Tamar heard from a “so-called friend.”

“Uh, absolutely not. There’s not,” he said. “All the other allegations are just not true. I’m just not that kind of person. I love this lady with all my heart. I love my family with all my heart and I will never stop fighting for my family and trying to make it be great.”

When asked to speak on why she believed something like that in the first place, Tamar blamed it on being too open with her life — both with the people in her circle and with the public.

“Keep people out your business,” she said. “That was my fault that I put myself in a position to open up the floor for people to give their opinions on my marriage. I have to take responsibility for that. And you have to take responsibility for telling too much of your business, because people always feel like they can tell you this, they have a hand in this, or ‘Oh girl, did you hear about this?’ Everybody don’t always want to see you happy.”

Vince agreed with this sentiment, telling the women at the table the rumor came about because sometimes it can be your friends who don’t want to see you doing well.

“People are miserable and if they see you happy they don’t want that,” he said. “Can we get a clap for that?”

As for the future of their relationship, it’s unclear what they’re doing. Vince said “Absolutely!” when asked if there was a chance for reconciliation for the couple while Tamar simply said, “It’s ok not to know.” But she did indeed file for divorce and as previously mentioned, they aren’t living under the same roof.

However, they are still working together.

“We still work together now,” she said. “We have a couple of businesses that are very successful and we do work well together. That’s another thing that I feel like we can definitely substain and we’ve always been able to substain as well as our connection and responsibility as being parents to Logan.”

The pair didn’t speak on rumors of physical abuse, but one could infer that Vince’s “All the other allegations are just not true” comment speaks to that. Check out their conversation below, as well as the slightly shady chat about her exit from The Real and why Tamar says “No thanks” when it comes to reconciling her relationships with her former co-hosts.

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DAMN GINA!: Tisha Campbell-Martin Files for Divorce from Husband Duane Martin After Decades of Marriage

After more than 20 years of marriage, Tisha Campbell-Martin has filed for divorce from her husband Duane Martin.

“After 27 years of being together and two amazing children, it pains me to announce that I’ve filed for divorce,” Tisha, 49, said in the statement. “It’s an emotional time and I graciously ask for privacy for me, our children and the rest of our family,” she shared.

Over the course of their decades-long marriage, the pair, who wed in 1996, welcomed two children: sons Ezekiel, 8, and Xen, 16.

Campbell-Martin starred on Martin for five seasons on Fox before the hit ’90s sitcom went off the air in 1997 amid serious riffs between Martin Lawrence and Campbell-Martin.

All seems to be well now. In October 2016, they reunited with the rest of their castmates to celebrate the life of their late costar and friend Tommy Ford, who played Tommy Strawn on show.

Earlier this month, Lawrence, Campbell-Martin and Tichina Arnold were recorded out for a steak lunch in Burbank by TMZ cameras and asked about the possibility of a Martin reboot.

“Never say never,” Lawrence, 52, told the outlet. “We don’t know nothing right now, but never say never.”

“Within life there’s always new beginnings and there’s always change and there’s always new plateaus, so we’ll see what’s happening,” added Arnold, 48.

But perhaps Campbell-Martin gave the clearest answer. “We can’t tell y’all s—” she said, laughing.

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BIG FACTS!: Cardi B Says Donald Trump is “Out His Mind” For Suggesting Teachers Have Guns

Like many of us, Cardi B is clearly not with Donald Trump’s suggestion for improving school safety.

The tragic school shooting that took place in Florida last week has sparked a lot of media attention, forcing America’s president Donald Trump to sit down with the survivors and hear their pleas for him to lay down stricter gun laws.

After listening to the brave teenagers and their stories of losing friends, as well as some parents who spoke on losing their children, Donald suggested that teachers should be equipped with guns as a solution for increasing school safety. Since his idea on the problem has hit headlines, Cardi B hit her Instagram to share a Lebron James meme questioning what could be expected of teachers when they apparently only make $40,000K a year.

“Imagine [an] old ass female teacher bussing a burner 🙄This man really out his mind .America must be entertainment to other countries,” Cardi captioned her pic.

Cardi had to put another Instagram user in place after they commented that “only in America teachers are paid so low.” Cardi let @_rapalert know that teachers in the Dominican Republic were on strike “just last week” for low pay. Peep the thread below.

Ballerific Comment Creepin 🌾👀🌾 #cardib #commentcreepin (swipe)

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SPENDING LIKE IT’S 1999: Prince’s Heirs Are Worried the Estate Is Blowing Through All of His Money Before They Get Any

According to TMZ, Prince’s estate is spending a lot of money… at times more than $600k PER MONTH, and dropping that kinda dough has the singer’s heirs worried they’ll be left with nothing when it’s their turn to collect.

Sources close to Prince’s heirs spoke out to the folks over at TMZ stating that they’re dumbfounded at how much money it costs to manage the late singer’s estate. We’re told at the current burn rate, heirs feel there’s gonna be close to nothing when it’s time to distribute the inheritance.

According to docs, Comerica’s monthly fee to manage the estate is $125k per month. Comerica also hired the law firm Fredrikson & Byron P.A. to rep the estate in court (i.e. Prince’s label suing Roc Nation), supervise and coordinate with accountants and advise on tax-related issues. Last November alone, the law firm billed more than $440k in fees and expenses.

The spending keeps going … F&B then hired other attorneys to deal with trademarks, oversea litigation and services on deal proposals, among other things.

Comerica, for its part, has painstakingly broken down in more than 600 pages of invoices exactly where the money’s going and why it costs so much to manage the estate, which is reportedly worth around $250 mil.

Prince’s sister Tyka Nelson as well as half-siblings Sharon Nelson, Norrine Nelson, John R. Nelson, Omarr Baker and Alfred Jackson were officially declared as the singer’s heirs after Prince died in April 2016 without a will.

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