ONE LOVE: Families of Ariana Grande Concert Attack Victims to Receive $324,000

Nearly three months after a terrorist attack left 22 people dead and many more injured at an Ariana Grande concert in England, the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund has announced that it will provide $324,000 apiece to the families of the deceased.

The Guardian reports that families of the dead have already received around $90,000 each and they are expected to obtain the rest within weeks.

The money comes from the $24.5 million that was raised after the horrific incident took place at Manchester Arena, where Grande was performing as part of her “Dangerous Woman World Tour.” More than $2 million came from Ariana’s “One Love” benefit concert, which took place in June.

Sue Murphy, chair of the trustees of the fund spoke with TMZ about the distribution of the money. “The payments will ensure the families benefit from the phenomenal outpouring of public support following the attack,” she said.
According to the report, some of the funds have already been allocated to those who were hospitalized as a result of the terror attack. Murphy is now apparently looking into how to distribute the rest of the money, taking into account different variables.

“There are some grey areas,” Murphy told The Guardian. “For example, people who were quickly discharged from hospital but have since had to return for further operations.”

There are also other factors that will be weighed in. “The trickiest part of it is going to be mental health issues,” she said. “It’s difficult to predict. Some people might not know yet how they are going to be affected in the long term.”

Ariana has become closely linked to England following this attack and her subsequent outreach. After the incident, Grande wrote an emotional letter, announcing her benefit show, which also featured performances by Pharrell, Miley Cyrus, Mac Miller, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Coldplay, Liam Gallagher, and The Black Eyed Peas.

“We will never be able to understand why events like this take place because it is not in our nature, which is why we shouldn’t recoil,” she wrote. “We will not quit or operate in fear. We won’t let this divide us. We won’t let hate win.”

Aside from the “One Love” concert, Grande also visited fans who were in the hospital. Last month, Manchester honored her as an honorary citizen, thanks to all of her work.

According to The Guardian‘s latest report, a new fund will be launched to pay for a memorial for the bombing victims. Some have suggested this could be a statue of Grande, while others have recommended a garden filled with flowers that attract bees, Manchester’s civic symbol.

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BACK TO THE FUTURE: ABC Orders a Live-Action Remake of Classic Cartoon ‘The Jetsons’

Get ready to meet George Jetson and family — again.

George, his boy Elroy, daughter Judy and Jane his wife are set to return to the small screen in ABC’s new, live-action adaptation of the classic cartoon, the network confirmed.

The multi-camera sitcom — about a modern family living in a world of robots, holograms and flying cars — will be set 100 years in the future and will capture the iconic family through a modern filter.

The characters will be based on the Hanna-Barbera classic that originally ran from 1962-1963.

This marks the second time the Jetson family will make a return to TV. Following the show’s original run in the ’60s and subsequent years of syndication, the show returned with new episodes in 1985, and continued to air new material until 1989, when stars George O’Hanlon and Mel Blanc died.

The updated version will feature Gary Janetti (“Family Guy,” “Will & Grace”) as executive producer and writer, and Robert Zemeckis (“Back to the Future”), Jack Rapke (“Cast Away”) and Jackie Levine as executive producers.

“The Jetsons” is just the latest classic show to get a reboot. Will you be tuned in?

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SHE SAID YES!: LeToya Luckett Announces Engagement to Boyfriend Tommicus Walker

She said yes! Congratulations are in order for LeToya Luckett, who just announced her engagement to boyfriend Tommicus Walker.

Taking to Instagram, the former Destiny’s Child songstress shared the news with a sparkling diamond ring on her left hand.

“I said, ‘ Yes yeeeesssss’ on his Burfday,” she wrote. “#issaengagement #GodShowedout #HesaGoodManSavanah #LoveWins #8/16/17.”

That one time @letoyaluckett planned a surprise Bday dinner for @iamtwalk2 but he had a bigger surprise for her 💍 Congrats y'all!!!

A post shared by Gavin Luckett🇨🇱🎹🔊🔥 (@g_luck) on

According to LeToya’s brother Gavin, Luckett planned to surprise her boyfriend with a special birthday dinner at Ocean Prime in Dallas before he unveiled the surprise of his own.

Surrounded by family and friends including LeToya’s mother, Tommicus got on one knee after she said yes. During the emotional proposal, which was captured by Gavin, the two embraced and kissed one another while loved ones applauded.

This will be the second marriage for Luckett. The Back 2 Life songstress married Rob Hillman in 2015. Two months later, in January 2016, they quietly parted ways and their divorce was finalized last year.

I said , " Yes yeeeesssss" on his Burfday!! #issaengagement #GodShowedout #HesaGoodManSavanah #LoveWins #8/16/17

A post shared by LeToya Luckett (@letoyaluckett) on

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COME GET Y’ALL PRESIDENT: Donald Trump Publicly Condemns The Removal Of Confederate Statues via Twitter

Donald Trump attempted to denounce the white supremacists, KKK members and neo-Nazis who bared their faces during rallies throughout the South, but still managed to pin part of the blame on those who are against hate speech and inequality, dubbing them the “alt-left.” Now, Trump is spewing even more words that lead one to believe he’s siding with those who wish to “make America great again” through violence and racism.

Following the removal of the statue of General Robert E. Lee in Charlottesville, Va., Trump decided to condemn the subsequent withdrawals of other confederate statues, from Baltimore to Hollywood.

“Sad to see the history and culture of our great country being ripped apart with the removal of our beautiful statues and monuments,” he began. “You can’t change history, but you can learn from it.”

In an interview with Newsweek, the great-great-grandson of Lee spoke out against people who try to use his kin as a symbol of hate. “There’s no place for that,” Robert E. Lee V said. “There’s no place for that hate.”

He said his grandfather didn’t stand for the beliefs of white supremacists, and that maybe the removed confederate statues should be placed in museums.

“General Lee’s life was about duty, honor and country,” Lee wrote in a statement. “At the end of the Civil War, he implored the nation to come together to heal our wounds and to move forward to become a more unified nation. He never would have tolerated the hateful words and violent actions of white supremacists, the KKK or neo-Nazis.”

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MAY AS WELL GET SOME ‘CONFESSIONS’ OUT: Usher Reunites with Jermaine Dupri & Brian Michael Cox for New Music Amid Herpes Scandal

As the media, the peanut gallery and haters near and far revel in whatever new Usher news hits the Internet, the seasoned entertainer has remained quiet throughout the ordeal. About a week ago, longtime producer, collaborator, and friend Jermaine Dupri posted a video on Instagram of the two headed back to the studio, which sparked the rumor (and hope) Usher would return to his beloved R&B roots. On Thursday (Aug. 17) fans received reassurance once again that whatever new project Ursher baby is working on, it would be fire.

I don't know aboutchall

A post shared by Jermaine Dupri (@jermainedupri) on

Alongside JD and Usher is Confessions contributor Bryan Michael Cox who co-wrote “Burn” and “Confessions Part II” on the critically acclaimed 2004 album.

C 3

A post shared by Jermaine Dupri (@jermainedupri) on

On July 19, it was reported by Radar Online Usher paid $1.1 million in a lawsuit for allegedly infecting his partner with herpes. Filed at the Superior Court in Los Angeles in late 2012, the plaintiff detailed as a celebrity stylist claims to have been in a relationship with the singer who contracted the disease between 2009-2010. Allegedly Usher is asymptomatic, meaning he doesn’t show signs of having the virus.

Since then, several women have come forward all being represented by celebrity lawyer Lisa Bloom accusing the singer of infecting them with the virus.

Usher, however, isn’t responding to the accusations and if it’s keeping him up at night, the 38-year-old isn’t showing it. There’s no telling when this project will be available for download but with the crew of usual suspects in place, one can only hope it’s just as good as Confessions.

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A LITTLE RESPECT WHEN YOU COME TO THE CLUB: Aretha Franklin is Planning on Opening Up a Nightclub in Detroit

Aretha Franklin is set to retire in her hometown of Detroit and plans to open a nightclub in the city.

The legendary soul singer told the Detroit Free Press that she is moving from her longtime home in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.

She also wants to open a small club that she plans to call Aretha’s. The 75-year-old says she’d like to sing at the club “from time to time” and host performers that are favorites of Detroit residents.

The Queen of Soul announced her retirement this year and said 2017 would be her last year of doing concerts. She plans to continue recording and is working to complete a new album. Will you be partying with Aretha?

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CRANES IN THE SKY: Solange is Just as Sick of White Supermacists as the Rest of Us; So Much So She Just Deleted Her Twitter Account

Twitter has been a less than inspiring place—even less so than usual—over the past week. And it’s only going to be worse now that Solange Knowles has called it quits. Shortly before deleting her account on Tuesday night, she posted one last tweet saying, “Deleting my twitter soon, but before I dip, when we gonna pull up? And what we got to do to get my new hero Takiyah Thompson free?”

She was referring to the 22-year-old woman who was taken into custody on Tuesday for her part in taking down a Confederate statue in Durham, North Carolina. Before her arrest she appeared at a press conference alongside other protesters and members of the communist Workers World Party.

“The people decided to take matters into our own hands and remove the statue,” she said. “We are tired of waiting on politicians who could have voted to remove the white supremacist statues years ago, but they failed to act. So we acted.”

After officially deleting her Twitter, Solange posted a message to her Instagram Story to further explain her reasoning. She wrote that she didn’t want to give her energy to “racist ugly ass fuck bois who reek of citronella” while she performs on tour. She added, “my son’s first day of school has been in the midst of seeing these bullshit images that still tell him this system was built against him.”

If you’ve spent more than 30 seconds on Twitter at any given moment over the past week, it’s easy to understand why Solange would call it quits, at least for the time being. Here’s hoping Instagram treats her better. We need a little Solange in our lives.

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SAY WHAT NOW?: Did 50 Cent Just take the Blame for those ‘Power’ Episodes Leaking?

The leaks of multiple Power episodes that hit the Internet recently have been a mystery to fans and Starz network, but it looks like 50 Cent is the culprit. The “9 Shots” rapper confesses to the suspicious leak, remarking on the rise in ratings of the popular show’s recent episodes.

Fifty says the ratings for Power are up 10%, stating that Starz must be “glad” he leaked the show. He even puts #SavageLife next to the caption, confirming to fans he meant to do it on purpose.

“POWER Ratings up another 10 percent for episode 408. They glad I leaked the shit now. LOL #SAVAGELIFENow watch what I do on BET. #50Centralbet.”

If you recall, the hip-hop mogul has been vocal with his frustrations with Starz for the way they treat the show, being that it has become the biggest series on the network. He has already threatened to pull the show from Starz moving forward after the network didn’t approve of adding on more episodes to season four this year.

50 Cent is currently gearing up to star in his BET show, 50 Central, which will premiere in September. We’re not sure what’s in store for the new series, but the season will contain 24 episodes that are a half-hour-long each.

See the post of 50 copping to leaking Power episodes below.

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ARE YOU TEXTING B*TCHES!?: Blac Chyna Allegedly Broke Up with Her New Boyfriend Meechie for Flirting with Other Women

Blac Chyna has reportedly kicked her boyfriend, Mechie, to the curb.

It looks like Blac Chyna has already had enough of her newest boyfriend, Mechie’s antics. According to TMZ, the two have reportedly broken up following a massive fight earlier this week.

Sources tell TMZ that Black Chyna got into an “explosive” argument Monday night with Mechie over his constant flirting with women on social media. The two had been dating for not even two months, but that was long enough for him to showcase his love for her by getting her initials behind his ears (see below). The ink hasn’t been dried for a full month yet, and already Chyna has kicked him to the curb.

Following the argument Monday night, Blac reportedly hit up the Tarzana studio in LA and found inspiration to vent her frustration on the mic & record some new music. And after she was done in the booth, TMZ learned that Rob Kardashian’s ex hit up the strip club Ace of Diamonds. That same night, her baby daddy’s sister, Khloe Kardashian, also showed up to the club with her now boyfriend Tristan Thompson. TMZ says the ladies crossed paths & gave a little stare down, but nothing ultimately happened of course.

According to TMZ, Mechie is still trying to get back his ex girl Chyna, but she’s apparently ain’t having it. However, knowing her past record, the on again off again routine is pretty common, and history definitely has a tendency to repeat itself.

All of this news comes in the midst of Chyna’s on-going legal battle with Rob Kardashian for battle of custody over their child Dream. Neither of them have requested for child support, but if it were to be requested, Chyna would have to pay Rob based on the fact she makes more money than him.

Nevertheless, we’ll continue to keep you posted on Blac Chyna moving forward. Are you interested in hearing what her music sounds like?

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THE REAL HOUSE HUSBAND OF ATL?: Cynthia Bailey’s Ex-Husband Peter Thomas is Reportedly Shooting His Own Spin-Off with BRAVO!

Have you been missing Uncle Ben, I mean, Peter Thomas on your television? I doubt anyone has really been saying “we need more Peter on reality TV,” but if you have, you just might be in luck.

According to TMZ, Peter is currently filming a pilot for Bravo. The reality show will focus on his Charlotte, NC hot spot, Club One. It will cover “Peter’s life owning and managing the club in the aftermath of his breakup with Cynthia last year,” sources tell the site.

The spinoff will be similar to Vanderpump Rules, a popular spinoff of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Peter has been a vocal cast member on Real Housewives of Atlanta for seven seasons. However, with his divorce from Cynthia Bailey, his appearances on the show are expected to decrease, if not end all together. However, he did join the cast on a trip to Hawaii during last season, despite the couple’s split.

Cynthia, on the other hand, is not expected to pop up on Peter’s Club One spinoff. But this has not been confirmed.

The spinoff has yet to be picked up to series, but sources tell TMZ Bravo is pleased with the footage shot so far. Will you be tuning into Peter’s spin off?

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WHO KNEW?: P!nk is Receiving the Video Vanguard Award at MTV’s VMA’s this Year Over Christina Aguilera & the Internet is Not Here for it!

Get ready for another “high-flying” live performance from Pink. The singer has been announced as the recipient of the 2017 Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award.

Pink is receiving the prestigious honor to celebrate her 17-year career and videography and due to her “impact on music, pop culture, fashion and philanthropy,” read a statement released by MTV on Tuesday (Aug. 15). Pink will also perform during the awards show.

The pop/rock singer’s history with the VMAs began way back in 2000, taking home her first Moon Person (formally known as “Moon Man”) trophy in 2001. She has amassed 18 nominations and has won 6 trophies throughout her career.

Pink’s Vanguard announcement was met with mixed reactions, because her videos are not known as being innovative, creative, iconic or even memorable. And because it was previously speculated that her long-time rival Christina Aguilera would receive this year’s award.

Pink actually responded to that last tweet, revealing that she and Aguilera had “made amends” and ended their feud which started during the recording process of their hit “Lady Marmalade.” Pink has stated in the past that Aguilera was difficult to work with..

“Want to point out an awful new phenomenon of the last 10’years. We can no longer be happy for each other. I Xtina, we’ve made amends…. ” she tweeted.

However, she also had a message for her haters and Xtina fans that dissed her music videos.

The 2017 MTV Video Music Awards will air live Sunday, August 27 from Inglewood, California and will be hosted by Katy Perry.

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KENBARBIE TV: How to take the Perfect Selfie: “The Selfie Kit” (Unboxing)

You guys know what time it is. A new video is available on #KenBarbieTV, The Selfie Kit is a lifestyle and beauty seasonal box filled with 5 to 6 full sized items that will help you SLAY the season. No monthly commitments, no subscriptions. Just buy a new one each season and get a new box with new items! Sign Up NOW and use promo code “KenTaughtYa” for 10% off your first kit! Check it out:

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